Welcome to Tax Resolution Services, LLC

A Professional CPA Firm Specializing in Accounting, Tax, and Financial Planning Services.

My name is Gary C. Grimes, CPA and I am the owner/operator of Tax Resolution Services, LLC.

My firm provides general accounting, tax and financial planning services for individuals as well as small business owners.  I have over twenty-four years of diverse accounting, tax and general business experience.  I’m not only a licensed C.P.A., but also hold licenses as a securities representative and as a licensed insurance professional.  Drawing upon my broad range of knowledge and experience I can be a trusted advisor that you can depend upon for all your financial issues.

My practice currently focuses on strategies designed to help you increase your wealth, protect your assets, and reduce your income tax liabilities during your working years and during your retirement.

Further, my firm has developed and refined tax mitigation strategies that can provide you with a completely TAX FREE RETIREMENT income.

In addition to providing high quality services and cost effective solutions, I make this pledge to all my clients:

I will be a trusted fiduciary, working in your best interest. I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with twenty-four years of experience.  CPA’s are continually ranked as the most trusted professionals in the business community.  There is a good reason CPA’s are the most trusted advisor’s, we’ve earned that trust.

I will fully disclose all fees and charges. My fees and all costs will be fully disclosed in advance.  You will know exactly how much my services are costing you.

I will adequately explain all issues and financial services. I will use plain language to simply and adequately explain the risks and benefits of all accounting, tax and financial planning services.

I will always have time for you. I don’t have thousands of faceless clients, I have a limited number of select clients.  I will be available to provide professional and timely advice, wherever and whenever you need it.

I will provide comprehensive financial solutions. I have a broad range of accounting, tax, investment, and financial planning services.  Together, you and I will take simple and proven steps to improve your entire financial picture.  For instance, we will ensure that your business is complying with state and federal tax laws, that you have adequate insurance, a tax plan, an investment and retirement plan, and a legacy plan.

Although I am a sole practitioner, I also have a solid team and network of professionals to meet all of your accounting, tax, financial and retirement planning needs.

Please take a minute to review the services I can offer as well as the many helpful resources I can provide, or simply call me to schedule a meeting right away.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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